Monday, 18 August 2014

Mice in Love - 3D Puzzle Disney Eiffel Tower


I love jigsaws I find them calming but with being a busy mum I don’t tend to sit down and do the ones with little pieces, especially with little people. However this 3D Mickey and Minnie Eiffel Tower limited edition was just too cute not to attempt to make with them. And although baby J got bored very quickly and was more interested in watching Kinder eggs being opened on youtube on my phone (lol) but Ky on the other hand immediately loved it and so I had some mummy time with my big boy until my mum came round and joined in, she has always loved puzzles too.
In the box you have 216 Numbered puzzle pieces, the accessories needed to build the tower and the instructions.
First you start by putting the little square stands into your pretty board.
All of the pieces have little numbers with arrows on to show you where the next piece goes. I thought this was really clever and also loved that the pieces are plastic. When I was little I remember my mum having a 3D puzzle and it was made from some sort of foamy stuff. Yuck!
Me and Ky set about looking for and sorting the numbers so although this was fun we were getting some maths in here too!
Once we have completed the first section we have to pop it into the stand, having baby J around this was quite an achievement we placed the little square keeper onto the pieces and then we then began to work on tier 2.
puzzle 7When tier 2 was complete it really starting looking more like the eiffel tower and it was really nice to see the detail in the jigsaw, all the different imagery of mickey and mini and flashing lights. We added the last square keeper and began on tier 3.
puzzle 8
Tier 3 was by far the fiddliest with lots of the pieces being the folded pieces for the edges. But once we were finished this it meant ky was able to add the ‘finishing touch’ as he called it piece. The little blue spiked piece to complete the Eiffel puzzle.
puzzle finish
And this is the finished thing. I do love it, I would have liked to have kept it up as an ornament for my office but it didn’t seem the right thing to do with Baby J around and the fact that it’s a jigsaw so it has been carefully been packed away for the next time we fancy some calming fun.
If you wanted to own this gorgeous puzzle it’s currently on sale on Amazon 
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Monday, 11 August 2014

Review - Medieval House 3D Puzzle from Ravensburger

A few months back Harry and I had a lot of fun reviewing the 3D Taj Mahal Puzzle from Ravensburger, so when I was offered the chance to try another puzzle from the range I knew that we'd enjoy it. Harry was so excited to see the parcel, and he wanted to get started immediately!

The Medieval House 3D Puzzle has 216 pieces and is aimed at builders aged 10 plus, although I think that children younger than that could definitely complete it with some adult help. The house is mainly put together with numbered plastic puzzle pieces. There is also an instruction booklet to help you with the order of assembly that you need to follow.

For a more difficult challenge you could complete it using just the picture side, but you do have to be careful that you've got it right, as sometimes the pieces can be put together in several different ways.

Ravensburger 3D puzzle medieval cottage

The main part of the house is built using the jigsaw pieces, then there are additional plastic pieces to slot in for the roof and chimneys. It all fits nicely onto a base board, and it didn't take us too long to put the house together. It's a fantastic exercise for Harry to practice his numbers. I helped him to sort the pieces out into tens and then he put them together in the correct order. He loved joining all the pieces together, and then I helped with bending the corner pieces and fitting it all onto the board.

ravensburger 3d puzzle medieval cottage

This model was a lot simpler than the Taj Mahal with not nearly as many extra pieces. It perhaps doesn't represent much of a challenge for an adult puzzler, but it is a lot of fun for an adult to do with a child. The finished cottage is sturdy, lovely to look at and it would look nice on display, I know we'll have it out for a few days before packing it away for next time. Harry has also been having fun just playing with it, and flying it around like a spaceship!

We'll definitely be looking out for more of the puzzles in this range

ravensburger 3d puzzle medieval cottage

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Monday, 4 August 2014

Ravensburger Disney Planes Puzzles Review

Joseph, like many three year old boys, is mad about anything Disney Cars or Disney Planes so he was ecstatic when a delivery from Ravensburger arrived with two awesome Disney Planes jigsaws for him.

Imogen has always been a jigsaw whizz but Joseph has never really shown that much interest, that is until now! He received two puzzles the first being a 35 piece featuring characters from the new Disney’s Planes Fire and Rescue film.  In this puzzle Dusty, Windlifter, Blad Runner, Cabbie and Lil Dipper coming to the rescue of Piston Peak National Park which is threatened by a raging wildfire. 

Ravensburger Disney Planes

The second was a 4 in a box set which has a 12, 16, 12 and 24 piece puzzle included.  Each puzzle features Dusty, Lil Dipper, Cabbie and Windlifter individually. 

Disney Planes Ravenesburger Puzzles

Joseph’s really enjoyed seeing the new characters from Disney Planes & Rescue and now can not wait to see the film.  He loves the puzzles and has taken his time to complete all of them all by himself, without any frustration I may add!  The puzzles are really good quality with bright colours and nice details . Just like all Ravensburger puzzles the pieces are made from thick, recycled board with a matte finish to avoid glare.

Ravensburger Disney Planes Puzzles

Ravensburger Disney Planes Puzzles

Both of these puzzles as well as others are available from Amazon with prices starting from just £3.99.

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Monday, 28 July 2014

Ravensburger Colosseum 3D Jigsaw Puzzle Review

I was really pleased to be sent this to review; jigsaws are getting awfully clever these days.  The 3D element makes it an interesting project and once built it becomes quite an eye-catching ornament.  It is aimed for children 10+ but my son who is 7 was perfectly capable of completing it on his own.  

The pieces are all numbered which helps considerably; otherwise in this case you would be at it forever as the Colosseum is made up of many similar looking pieces.  Not only are they numbered they also have a handy little arrow that shows you where the next piece should be placed, up, down or sideways and gradually piece by piece you see the striking Colosseum take shape.

I must admit having had such a positive experience this time I am glad I finally have some new Christmas present ideas to pursue.  When we blog about toys so regularly I often get asked what do you get the boys for Christmas? It is somewhat tricky, but Ravensburger have heaps more 3D puzzles to pick from including ones that actually light up, you can see them all here so I think I am sorted phew!

The building of the Colosseum kept eldest happily occupied for ages, he spent a few hours each day and then when he finally finished he proudly showed if off to everyone just before bedtime.  

With summer currently hiding here and it getting colder and raining more, these jigsaws are wonderful entertainment and a great way to introduce your children to the most famous buildings around the world.  So they are very educational in that respect, plus handling all the pieces is good for fine motor skills.  The end result is very sturdy; the pieces bend round well to slot into the stand.

The RRP of £24.99 seems reasonable given the entertainment value and the quality of the set.  I will definitely be extending our collection.

Review by Karen at Missing Sleep

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Disney Eye Found It! Game

Our family really enjoy playing board games and so when we received the new Disney Eye Found It! Game from Ravensburger my two boys couldn’t wait to get it out of the box. In fact my eldest discarded his favourite tablet device the moment he saw the box!

The first you will notice is that the board is huge! It comes in three parts that slot together and when complete measures six foot long. The jumbo board is packed full of artwork and favourite Disney characters and is solidly made.

Once the game starts the clock is ticking and players must work together to get to Cinderella’s castle before the clock strikes midnight. Traveling through 12 Disney realms, starting from Radiator Springs through Alice's Wonderland to Peter Pan's Never Land and Pooh's Hundred Acre Wood. Throughout the race, everyone searches for iconic Disney objects... and gets a chance to say, "Eye found it!"

This game is great as it encourages co-operation and teamwork and everyone has to use their observation skills in order to identify the objects.

My youngest is 3 ½ and wants to play it all the time. As I put him to bed last night he said “The Disney game is my new best friend”

The game will be available in September from Toys R Us, Smyths and Amazon.  It's definitely one to look out for!

Monday, 21 July 2014

Board Game review : Bugs In The Kitchen

As soon as I saw the name of the latest Ravensburger board game that we had received to review, I knew it would be a hit with the Madhouse Mini-testers. "Bugs In The Kitchen." I could already hear them crying "eurgghhh" delightedly !

And that was before we even had a look inside the box and discovered that it has a Hex bug in it. The Madhouse Mini-testers had seen these before in a toy shop and thought they were very cool. They're little robotic bugs that scuttle about in a very fast, erratic and quite random manner. They give me the creeps a bit which just makes them love them even more !

The game is very simple to play. The board is made up of a maze of pivoting knives, forks and spoons. You roll the dice to know which piece of cutlery you can turn to try to guide the Hex bug through the maze to your designated trap.

It's more down to luck than judgement really because you can set up the perfect path to your corner then twiddle your thumbs helplessly when the bug scuttles off in the wrong direction. This evens up the odds for younger players but can be a bit frustrating for older players who want to use skill and strategy rather than sheer luck.

It's great fun and is a quick game to play if you're short on time (about 20 minutes usually). The kids invariably end up playing with the Hexbug on the table when the game is over though. The suggested age range on the box is 6+ but 4-year-old Pierre manages to play (and sometimes even win) quite successfully.

star rating : 4/5

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RRP : £19.99 available on Amazon 

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Ravensburgers Outdoor Mandala Designer Set review - Romantic Garden

I love anything that gets the kids outside and something with a craft element as well, makes for a brilliant school holiday idea.

The girls took the opportunity to try out the Ravensburgers Outdoor Mandala Designer Set that we had been kindly sent to review. There are various designs to choose from and were sent the Romantic Garden set - which is so pretty!

The girls love to colour or paint outside when the weather is good, so the Mandala Designer sets are fantastic for them.  They allow budding artists to become street artists as they chalk works of art on any paved surface.

Each design in the mandala template disk allows you to create various masterpieces - Simply place the stencil on the ground, choosing your chalk colour and colour in the ground through the stencil! ! Children can create beautifully coloured mandalas outside, easily and effectively - it's great fun for all the family! Even I enjoyed having a go!

 This set comes with a detailed template including hearts and flowers, plus a set of 6 coloured chalks and an instruction booklet. We kept our designs simple as it was Little One's first go - but even the simplest designs look amazing!

The sets are aimed at children aged 5+ Even Middle Miss (12) loved helping her sister create her Mandala! 

At around £14.99, I think it's great value for money. Although you'd need to replace the chalks once they are used up, the stencil can be reused time and time again.

Review by White Lily Green