Tuesday, 21 March 2017


....... to be able to run hundreds maybe thousands of pounds worth of gems and jewels through your hands and fingers.

It must be an astonishing feeling,  holding the intricate delicate gems, brooches and necklaces.

Ravensburger have created a jigsaw that comes close to this.   It is a new puzzle called
'Glittering Gemstones'.   A 1000 piece tantalising, challenging but not impossible puzzle.

The photograph for this puzzle was taken by Greg Shepherd who is based in Devon.  The image captures all of the glamour, glitz and glitter of vintage costume jewellery.   He found it quite challenging to create this photograph as he says 
"Bling was not his thing!"
However, when the gems and jewel,s arrived Greg knew exactly what to do with them and this gorgeous puzzle was created. 

You can see from the two images above how delicate and sophisticated some of the gems and jewels are and this leads to a very challenging jigsaw puzzle.  However there are also some good features that you can pick out and locate to assist you in completing the jigsaw. 

The puzzles are premium quality which have the soft click technology to its pieces. This is an elaborate process which has been developed based on decades of experience.  Specially formulated cardboard together with museum grade embossed paper reduces the glare while maintaining the colour brilliance of every image. 

Ravensburger offer a variety of jigsaws in all levels of experience.  

If you buy and enjoy the jigsaw above they also have a puzzle called Water Birds and another called Sedum Cottage.   Both of these contain 1000 pieces. 

Or if you would like a fun filled comedy puzzle, that is designed to get you thinking, why not try a 'What if!?' puzzle
These reflect this simple fact and are designed to tease your brain and make you laugh.  The picture on the front of the jigsaw is not what the puzzle image is, so you need to imagine what might happen to the scene or characters depicted.  There are clues on the front of the box and also on the reverse side. 

All in all Ravensburger would have a Jigsaw puzzle to suit your taste. 

Happy Jigsaw making.  I love them. 

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Beauty And The Beast Puzzle review

Are your children looking forward to the upcoming Beauty and The Beast movie?  Here in the UK, it’s out in cinemas on Friday, and my children are looking forward to having a special afternoon out with us parents to go as a family.  It isn’t often we go out to movies all together, which makes it even more fun.  Kallista is even more enthused to go now that she’s been working on the brand new Beauty and The Beast Puzzle!
Turn beastly days into days of glittery fun with te Beauty and the Beast Puzzle, it's working for Castle View Academy!
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When the opportunity to try out this new Glittery XXL 100 Piece Beauty and the Beast Puzzle from Ravensburger came up, I knew that Kallista would really enjoy it… and the timing couldn’t have been better.  The puzzle was shipped out on Friday and by the time it arrived on Monday, Kallista had broken out in a body full of spots…just as we thought it was safe to continue with life as normal, she’d caught them from Tristan, who had been over them for a week or so.
Kallista was feeling rotten and was in pain; but the look on her face when I told her that the package the postperson delivered was for her, was fabulous!
Opening a package from Ravensburger at Castle View Academy homeschool
She opened it up before lunch, and then began on it after.  In the meantime, Tristan had noticed that the puzzle included GLITTER!!  But he kept quiet so as not to ruin Kallista’s joy when she discovered it for herself.
Yes, after opening up the inner bag and pouring out the puzzle pieces onto our Puzzle Handy, Kallista noticed the glitter and brightened right up!  This is her first puzzle that sparkles!
She carefully divided her puzzle pieces into piles of edge pieces and inner pieces.   Then using the lines on the Puzzle Handy, she began constructing the frame of the puzzle.
Working on the Glittery 100 piece Beauty and The Beast Puzzle at Castle View Academy homeschool
Of course, she then started on inserting the inner pieces and started to see the picture take shape.
Usually, Kallista will finish a puzzle in one sitting, but she was just so tired from her spots that she had to stop for a rest.  She continued the next day after a visit to the doctor.  Knowing that she had a new and fabulous puzzle back at home to complete kept her going as we walked from the doctor’s office to the chemist and back home again.
At last, the Beauty And The Beast was complete!  She was so happy!
Then she took it apart….
Beauty and The Beast Puzzle is completed at Castle View Academy homeschool
And began building it again.
This time it’s still together so that she can see it each time she enters the front room.  Yes, it’s been there for a week!  Kallista loves the added sparkle of the glitter and now she’s really looking forward to the movie this Friday when she’ll once again be well and back to her usual sparkly self.
Beauty and The Beast is aimed at children aged six and up; though it will also work well for some children of younger years.  this has been the perfect distraction for chicken pox and taking Kallista’s mind off being itchy and in pain.  It’s quiet and not bright and flashy so it doesn’t hurt the ears or eyes.  A puzzle is something that a child can do all at one time, or do a few pieces now and then.  It keeps the brain sharp, and the fine motor skills working.  So it’s really the perfect thing for kids to do when they’re not feeling so well.
Beauty and the Beast
If your children like Disney movies, airy tales, and a good story, they’ll enjoy this glittery Beauty and The Beast puzzle.  And parents; you don’t have to worry, the glitter is stuck on well and I haven’t been plagued wit hit all over the house, so I’m very happy as well!  A win-win puzzle all around.
Ravensburger Disney Beauty & The Beast XXL 100pc Jigsaw Puzzle is available through fine retail stores and Amazon.co.uk.
The Ravensburger Puzzle Handy is also available from Amazon.co.uk and retail outlets.
Review by Castle View Academy 

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Rachel Ellen 4 in a Box Boys & Girls Puzzles review

We love jigsaw puzzles. Zachary will literally do any puzzle that he can get his hands on and complete it in record speed. Zoey, on the other hand is fussier, preferring girly ones and often needs a little help doing them. When I received Ravensburger Rachel Ellen 4 in a Box Boys and Girls Puzzles for review I knew I was on to a winner as not only would they keep Zachary, my little Puzzler happy but due to the very girly and pretty designs of the girls puzzles I could pretty much guarantee Zoey would be delighted too. I wasn't wrong.

Ravensburger Rachel Ellen Boys 4 in a Box Puzzles

The Rachel Ellen Boys 4 in a Box Puzzles contains four wonderfully illustrated puzzles featuring designs by Rachel Ellen which include a pirate, a superhero and his super-dog, an astronaut with an alien friend and a super spotty and friendly looking dinosaur. The puzzles vary in complexity with the pirate starting at 12 pieces, the superhero 16, the astronaut 20 and the dinosaur 24.

Ravensburger Rachel Ellen Girls 4 in a Box Puzzles

The Rachel Ellen Girls 4 in a Box Puzzles are so pretty, like the boys set these are beautifully illustrated by British designer Rachel Ellen. Each puzzle features a very girly design which includes a 12 piece that shows a fairy perched atop a toadstool, a 16 piece that has a mermaid surrounded by her underwater friends, a 20 piece with a tutu-clad ballerina "EN pointe", and a 24 piece which shows a fairytale princess riding on her very own unicorn.

Our Verdict

The twins loved the fantastic designs as soon as they saw them, Zoey instantly grabbed the girls set with a squeal of delight and Zachary the boys one saying it was "cool" before they both set off to build them. I know some people are anti-gender toys and colours for children but personally I think it is something that happens naturally and I have indeed witnessed just this with my boy/girl twins. 

The twins have grown up surrounded by toys that are targeted at both genders and have never been influenced into playing with either 'girls' or 'boys' stuff, yet they have very definite ideas on what they like. Zoey loves everything pink and girly while Zachary loves dinosaurs, superheroes and all things space related like his big brother. It was no surprise then to see just how much they would like the Rachel Ellen illustrated puzzles, the fairytale designs of the girls puzzles and the amazing adventures of the boys instantly appealed to them. I couldn't help but think the illustrations would look fantastic hanging on their bedroom room, I may have to get some Rachel Ellen prints to put up. 

The puzzles themselves are really great quality, made from strong cardboard which makes them durable and able to stand up to lots of preschooler play. They have a linen finish print to minimises the glare on the puzzle image which we found noticeable when compared to cheaper shinier cardboard puzzles that reflect a lot of light in a bright room. 

I love the fact that the puzzles vary in complexity, starting with 12 pieces, moving up to 16, then 20 and finally 24. This makes them perfect for building up a child's confidence when it comes to puzzles. I have especially noticed this with Zoey who is not as good as Zachary at puzzles, she can independently do the 12 and 16 but sometimes needs a little help with the harder ones. She 

These puzzle sets are also great for sorting skills, as there are four puzzles we always start by sorting them into the four piles per puzzles first. I used to have to do this for the twins but now Zachary can by himself, in fact the speed he does it impresses me.

Where to Buy

You can find both the Rachel Ellen Girls 4 in a Box Puzzles and Rachel Ellen Boys 4 in a Box Puzzles for sale on Amazon priced at £5.99 per set which given the quality, and the fact you get four puzzles in a box is really great value in my opinion.  I can definitely recommend these puzzles given how many times alone that the twins have built them in the past two weeks.

Review by Mummy's Space

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Vintage Travel, 500pc review

I have been given the opportunity to review one of the new Ravensburger jigsaws.  I waited excitedly and this arrived.

It is called Vintage Travel Brochures.   It was sealed in a cellophane wrapping and sturdy box.  It is a premium puzzle and made by a company who has over 100 years of tradition. 

On opening the box  

.... inside were the pieces all neatly packaged again.  and also 

Two leaflets. One about   the artist.  The other about the jigsaw.  

I dont know how you like to do a jigsaw but I always start with tipping all the pieces onto a table.  

I then sort into the edge pieces, the four corners and the filling pieces.  Then I make the outside.  The pieces have a soft-click which is the technology that has been developed. This gives the jigsaw a smooth finish. 

Time to start .........

Initially I thought this jigsaw was unachievable due to the amount of colours but you soon realise that there are certain bits in each piece that stand out. 

I enjoyed doing this jigsaw and also learning about the different brochures as I was making it. 

The colours came into their own and pieces stood out. 

Here is the finished piece.  

This shows the detail in the jigsaw.    

\The designer of the artwork on this jigsaw is Aimee Stewart.  She is an american who is a self taught artist.  Aimee specialises in digital painting and photo manipulation.  She has an eclectic style which is inspired by music and literature.  

The jigsaw is from the Ravensburger brand.  This product was developed by the Oxfordshire based development and marketing team.  The team work with a talented team of artists, photographers, graphic designers and print specialists, to create these jigsaws.  They are sold all over the world .

I thoroughly enjoyed making this jigsaw and hope this review will inspire some of you to go and get a Ravensburger Jigsaw.   

Review by - A Creative Life 

Monday, 20 February 2017

Garden Vistas no.2 - Summer breeze 500pc jigsaw puzzle

I find jigsaw puzzles very therapeutic and relaxing. When I'm feeling 
stressed, puzzles help me to unwind. And if I also have a cup of tea and 
some chocolates to go with my hobby, I am on cloud nine.
in the series of garden scenes, created by British artist Anne Searle.

jigsaw puzzles,

It depicts a wonderfully vibrant garden scene, a real paradise of blooms 
and flowers. The garden is glorious - with lavender, roses, pinks and lilies 
adding enticing aromas. Then there are colourful hollyhocks, poppies, irises,
 foxgloves, clematis and Sweet William. The path and the lawn lead to the 
rustic shed, which is framed by conifers. Imagine sitting in such a beautiful 
garden with a book and a cup of tea!
This jigsaw puzzle consists of 500 pieces. All cardboard pieces are made 
of high quality cardboard, and are easily slotted together. The cardboard 
has a linen finish print to minimise glare on puzzle image.
The puzzle is suitable for ages 10 years and up. It is quite compact in 
size - 49x36cm.

Ravensburger puzzles, garden scenes

I have a couple of friends who love puzzles as much as I do, and I often 
pass the puzzles to them, once I have finished assembling. They, in their 
turn, offer them to their friends. I like the idea that several people will enjoy 
those puzzles.
This beautiful puzzle will make a lovely gift for any puzzle fan or keen gardener. 

Disclosure: I received the puzzle for the purposes of testing and reviewing. 
All opinions are my own.

Thursday, 9 February 2017


We do a lot of jigsaw puzzles in our house and I have memory’s going back to younger than my boys ages of visiting my grandma and the dining table having jigsaw pieces spread across it while my grandma and papa slowly built up the edges. Fast forward 30 odd years and while she still adores doing jigsaw puzzles some of the smaller ones with the little pieces are hard for to complete.

Ravensburger are well aware of this and that many people struggle with the smaller pieces and with that knowledge they have built a new range of puzzles. We were sent the Country House in Spring. 500 pieces but they offer the same puzzle as a larger pieced puzzle. The jigsaw was slightly smaller than normal at 50cm by 37cm. Perfect for having on a board on your lap. No need for a dining table for this one!

The picture is a lovely old fashioned chocolate box cottage with a beautiful garden and foot path leading up to the front door. It’s a pure pleasure to look at and the blue sky and beautiful flowers help make the puzzle a little trickier than a standard 300 piece puzzle normally is.

As you would expect from Ravensburger is has the same high quality print of image and also their soft click technology. All in all a great puzzle and I do hope they expand this range! It took a couple of evenings to complete this and was incredibly enjoyable! 

Review by Bakes Books & My Boys

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Ravensburger Best of British - The Supermarket. 1000 piece adult puzzle. The review

RAVENSBURGER  - The Home to Puzzles! 

I enjoy taking time for myself, however not having much time on my hands, it is hard to do things that I don't have to rushed thou.

A puzzle is a great way to get the cogs working, concentrating, without the pressure of worrying about deadlines.   With puzzles I love a challenge, working out what needs to go where. Coming and going as I please, cracking a pattern and solving areas is always fun

To bend my brain, I was sent a Ravensburger Best of British - The Supermarket.
1000 piece adult puzzle. 

I looked at the box and thought, wow this is an excellent puzzle.  There is so much happening, in the scene.  People, words, speech bubbles everywhere, signs, posters, packets of foods, cartoons, fruit. Its such an entertaining scene, full of life. I would say this is a professional puzzlers dream.

It is one of the hardest puzzles I have done, actually still doing.  There is so much detail, so many colours and different areas.  I have found it is really hard to break the scenes down.

I did the normal thing, completed the edge and added as much to the edges as possible, I tried to get all the speech bubbles done.  I started this 2 weeks ago but there is so much happening.

Its a puzzle that needs a few hours here and there to be dedicated to it.  Being 1000 piece I would recommend having a large area that you can leave the puzzle when you are not putting it together.

I only have one large family table, this get uses every day for different things.

As this mega puzzle has been taking centre stage in my living room and conquering my table.
I had also been sent the best Puzzle buddy.

I was also given a foldable portable board, which is incredibly handy.  The board can easily fit both 500 and 1000 piece puzzles.  This has been so useful, I have been moving my puzzle all over my living room.  The board opens up,  you will only have to position 4 clips on each side of the board, this will make it secure.

Overall I have had so much fun and very happy to of tested out the foldable portable board, it is so useful.  Making it easy to transport my puzzle without spoiling my it.
Even everyone at home can use easily move the board, without destroying my hard work.

This is still a work in progress, very enjoyable!

This excellent puzzle can be found on the Ravensburger Website: 
Ravensburger.com Currently at RPP: £11.99 Amazon - Best British Supermarket-1000pc

Also their particle foldable puzzle board: 
Ravensburger.com Puzzle-handy

If you want to bend your brain this is the puzzle for you.

Review by London Bird Lucy