Monday, 20 April 2015

Ravensburger Avengers Age of Ultron Puzzle

The kids and I often enjoy doing puzzles together, and since they are all into superheroes these days, the new Avengers Age of Ultron puzzle from Ravensburger was a great addition to their puzzle collection. This is an XXL 100 piece jigsaw puzzle that is recommended for age 6+
Ravensburger Avengers age of Ultron
The puzzle features all the main characters from the new Avengers movie (Age of Ultron) that will be released soon in the UK. The film is a sequel to Marvel Avenger’s Assemble, so all of the characters on the puzzle are recognisable without needing to see the new movie. Many of the Avengers are instantly identifiable to children anyway, since the characters are so iconic – especially Hulk, Iron Man and Captain America.
The puzzle is made up of 100 pieces which are of a decent and manageable size, and as with all Ravensburger puzzles they are good quality and fit together easily.
Ravensburger Avengers age of Ultron puzzleThis 100 piece puzzle is recommended for age 6+, as seems to be usual for the 100 piece Ravensburger puzzles. This seems about right for a child to be able to put together the puzzle independently. Z is 6 years old and was able to manage the puzzle, but my younger boys (5 and 3) also enjoyed this puzzle just with a little more help.
Ravensburger Avengers age of Ultron puzzleThere are some challenging areas of the puzzle like around the edges where the pieces have similar textures, and my boys enjoyed that challenge as well as putting together the easier sections of recognisable characters.
The illustration on the puzzle is very life like, so you can easily recognise the actors of the movie, rather than being in a more cartoonish style.
Ravensburger Avengers age of Ultron captain america Once the puzzle is finished, it shows characters including Hawkeye, Black Widow, Hulk, Captain America Thor and Iron Man.
Ravensburger Avengers age of Ultron
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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The Gardener's Cupboard – Review

This month I had the opportunity to review The 1,000 piece Gardeners Cupboard another great Colin Thompson Puzzle from Ravensburger. The Gardeners Cupboard is Number three in the curious cupboards series of puzzles from Colin Thompson, and although there are small repeats in the picture this only added to my enjoyment of completing this puzzle. As I have come to expect from these Ravensburger puzzles they are beautifully coloured and the pieces fit effortlessly together, using the soft click technology.
gardeners cupboard
I love the tiny little details, and even the boy enjoyed looking for all the little hidden creatures. There are lots of small elf like creatures in Colin’s puzzles as well as eyes, and faces in dark places. The mix of photos and illustrations adds a different depth to the puzzle, and for me makes it a pleasure to complete. So much so that on a rainy Sunday between the washing, cooking and cleaning I soon finished the Gardeners Cupboard. In fact I have become so addicted to the series of Colin Thompson puzzles that the Gardeners Cupboard took me around 5 hours in total to complete.
gardeners cupboard puzzle
The Gardeners Delight puzzle has a recommended age of 12+ and although the boy wouldn’t attempt a jigsaw of this size on his own certainly enjoyed helping me with pieces. He loved finding the little man hiding behind the tree, and I love the pine cone full of little eyes! The Gardeners Cupboard has a finished size of 70cm by 50cm, and seemed small in comparison to the Bizarre Town, 5,000 pieces of the last Colin Thompson jigsaw that I completed. The Gardeners Cupboard was certainly more manageable, and just as enjoyable.
the gardeners cupboard
The Gardeners Delight jigsaw is available now from retailers for RRP £11.99 or buy online 
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Friday, 10 April 2015

What If? The Racehorse jigsaw puzzle review

Ravenburger recently sent out the What If? The Racehorse Jigsaw Puzzle for puzzlers to review. 
The What If? range of puzzles concept has all the excitement and mystery you are looking for in a jigsaw puzzle. The concept revolves around one simple fact; In life, things don't always turn out the way we think or hope they will... WHAT IF? puzzles challenge you to imagine what might happen if things do not go to plan. 

The picture on the box shows what our unlikely hero, in this case Jim, would like to happen. The picture you puzzle is what ACTUALLY did. Get your thinking cap on, and piece together the puzzle to see what really happened. 

One reviewer commented: "I had no idea what the final picture would look like, so this puzzle did keep me occupied for a good while! 
I really like the concept behind this series of puzzles, its a really cool twist on an original jigsaw and you get the quality which you would expect from Ravensburger."
You can read her full review here All you need is love and cake 

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

What If? The Racehorse Ravensburger Puzzle


I love doing jigsaw puzzles so was delighted to receive Ravensburger What If? The Racehorse puzzle to review. This is not an ordinary jigsaw puzzle though, this is a lot harder as the completed puzzle is not the same as the picture on the front of the box so it takes guess work from start to finish. The picture on the box shows Jim buying his racehorse, the puzzle inside the box shows what happens after that.
The Racehorse is number 8 in the popular range of What If? puzzles and is a very apt time to try it with the Grand National being next week.
I set myself a goal in completing this as I started to do it on my dining room table but the table was getting picked up by my sister a few days later as a new table was being delivered.
I got to work with it by picking out all of the edge pieces and fitting them all together so I had my frame to get started with.
From there I just picked out the pieces that matched to edges and fitted them in.
It did take a while as it is a lot harder when you do not know what the final picture will look like. Fitting images together but not knowing where in the puzzle they will go makes it quite frustrating.
It took me about 24 hours in total to complete it but that was spaced over two days and I did not take a break apart from at dinner time.
I am pleased that I managed to complete it in a short time but I think next time I will just do it bit by bit as I did get a bit of a headache and achy neck rushing to do it.
The end puzzle measures 69.9 x 49.7cm and it does look amazing and was well worth the hard work.
You can purchase Ravensburger What If? The Racehorse from Amazon and is priced at just £8.99 at the moment (RRP. £11.99). There are 1000 pieces and it is suitable from ages 14 upwards.
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Monday, 30 March 2015

Ravensburger Eiffel Tower By Night 3D Puzzle review

We always love putting together a Ravensburger 3D puzzle - so far, we have made Tower Bridge, Big Ben, The Empire State Building and a Medieval House and they were all great fun to build and looked spectacular. When we received The Eiffel Tower to add to our collection, it got an ever bigger squeal of excitement because this one is "by night" so it has clever light effects to really set it off.

If you've never done one of the 3D puzzles before, here's what you get in the box - a bag of plastic puzzle pieces, the plastic accessories for the architectural details and some internal supports. This one also comes with an LED light box to put in the stand to illuminate it from below.

Many of the puzzle pieces are hinged and need to be folded until they click into place at right angles. The puzzle pieces are also numbered with arrows showing you where the next piece must be attached, making the whole construction job much easier.

Pierre helped me out by sifting through the pieces to find pieces with two numbers on, then pieces that start with a 1 then a 2 - great practice of maths and observation skills there !

Once the pieces are all lined up in order, it's fairly quick and simple slotting them all into place. The 3D structure rapidly grows before your eyes which is very exciting !

Juliette arrived just in time to help with putting it all together.

It wasn't very clear on the box whether or not the batteries were included - they aren't, you'll need to supply 3 AAA batteries to get the light effects. I also thought the light box was badly designed because you have to take the Eiffel Tower structure off the light box stand to change from white light to colour-changing mode or to switch off the lights - a delicate move which could be disastrous if you smash all your hard work to pieces by accident !

It looks pretty spectacular by day, because the light shines through the transparent internal struts between levels - but is even prettier once it starts getting dark. The colour change mode is really effective and had the kids mesmerised !

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon project that the whole family could get involved in and which took about an hour and a half to complete.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £24.99

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Monday, 23 March 2015

Disney Cinderella from Ravensburger

This puzzle will be loved by little girls everywhere. It’s Disney Cinderella. 

This has 100 pieces and the pieces are big too. The Cinderella puzzle shows various scenes from the brand new Cinderella 2015 movie. It shows Cinderella as a poor servant girl, at the ball and with her Prince Charming. It also shows scenes of the fairy godmother and the wicked stepmother and stepsisters. All surrounded by a magical butterfly fairytale background. 

Me, Jordanna and Izebella completed this puzzle first time within 20 minutes. The puzzle pieces are made especially for certain ages (6-9 years) both in number of pieces and images. This puzzle is specially designed for those 6 and over. Jordana was able to put many pieces together herself with a little help from me and a lot of messing about from Izebella. 

This beautiful Disney Cinderella puzzle is also available to buy on AMAZON for £7.99.

More information on all the Ravensburger puzzles and games can be found on their website

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Friday, 20 March 2015


Publisher: Ravensburger (Germany), published Fall 2014
Title:  “Travel Shelves”, Artist: Aimee Stewart, 2000 pieces 
With three new Aimee Stewart’s coming out from Ravensburger in 2015, it was past time to do last fall’s 2000 piece “Travel Shelves”.
Box Quality:
As always the Ravensburger box is sturdy and attractively designed. The back is a generic one, as shown below:
The sides of the box show the image, Ravensburger logo, and piece count. Unfortunately, only one side has the name of the puzzle and artist.
Inside the box is a bag with the puzzle pieces (in excellent condition, no damage, puzzle dust, or unseparated pieces). The only other thing in this Ravensburger box is a ‘guarantee’ sheet for missing pieces. Some Ravensburgers contain more goodies in the box, but not this one.
The Image:
Artist Aimee Stewart has done a number of these fantasy “shelf” puzzles with different themes. Two new ones from Ravensburger for 2015 are “Heroes and Heroines” (with famous literary couples) and “Fantasy Voyage” (science fiction/adventure stories).
“Travel Shelves” features a world travel theme with various travel-themed books and sections of the image representing different world locations.
I was immediately attracted to the color and detail in this image and the exotic travel theme. It’s also nice that it comes in 2000 pieces.
(Click on any of the images in this review for a closer look.)
Puzzle Quality:
You can see my Ravensburger brand comparison here.  To sum: Ravensburger is our highest ranked brand. The pieces are good-sized and thick and the image reproduction is excellent. The pieces have a grid cut, but there’s a nice variety of piece shapes. You never think a piece fits where it does not. And Ravensburger’s “soft click technology” gives a nice solid feeling when two pieces interlock.
Above: America as represented by San Francisco and sunflowers.
This puzzle took a good amount of time of assemble given the 2000 piece size, about five evenings, more than twice as long as a 1000 piece takes me. It’s not particularly difficult since there are plenty of colors and shades of each color, so you can put together about 80% of the puzzle by referencing the box lid. There are some darks (especially the brown shelves) that took a bit more trial and error at the end.
It’s fun to see the book titles and little areas of detail as the image is completed.
Above France and Great Britain.
Above: Egypt provides some nice golden yellows.
Above: South America and SE Asia
Above: The Taj Mahal, elephants, and Gods in India
Above: More USA and Germany in blue. I like the ‘sand’ falling down from the Egypt shelf above.
Above: The Russian Kremlin provides some orange to the composition.
Above: Japan–the cherry blossoms are easy to see on the pieces.
Above: Italy features Venice and the Tower of Pisa.
Above: And here’s our book fairy!
If you like bigger puzzles, this 2000 piece Ravensburger is definitely worth the purchase.
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