Friday, 23 September 2016

Ravensburger Wins Prestigious Awards

Ravensburger have been awarded three accolades in the Practical Pre-School and Parent Teacher Update Awards for 2016.

The awards took place last week and have a strong reputation for recognising the best in educational resources, toys, equipment, books, multimedia and many other products aimed at pre-school, childcare and key stages 1 and 2.

The top award of overall winner in the Classic Toys & Games category went to Ravensburger’s Teletubbies My First Floor Puzzle. The second award was for Big Ben with Clock 3D Puzzle® which won Gold in the Toys & Games category for children over 5. Third award went to Thomas and Friends My First memory®, which scooped a Silver in the Classic Toys & Games category. These award wins mark a continuation in a string of successes for the company.

Ravensburger Product Managers, Sindy Randall and Sarah Stevens, were responsible for the development of the Teletubbies My First Floor Puzzle and describe the processes behind the creation of this seemingly simple product: “We identified the need for a simple floor puzzle for children aged 2+.  Our experience and observations of play over many years had taught us that children of this age can find larger floor puzzles frustrating, because they cannot easily reach all sides and often have to lean over or even sit on the puzzle in an attempt to try and complete it.  This results in pieces becoming dislodged and causes huge frustration. Hence we needed to create a puzzle where children could reach all the sides, and assemble it fairly easily.

“It’s essential that children can complete the challenge of assembling a puzzle, because it encourages them to move on to bigger challenges, and builds confidence in all areas of their life.  We carefully considered the piece count too, and chose 16 because it offered enough of a challenge, gave us a good balanced puzzle piece and also resulted in the majority of pieces having 1 straight edge.  Straight edges are a good reference point and help young children sort and assemble a jigsaw more easily. For the material we selected a very thick and strong double laminated FSC® board to ensure the pieces could withstand plenty of wear and tear, and felt really nice to hold”.

Sindy continued: “Puzzles are a great way to develop colour and shape matching skills, hand-eye co-ordination and manual dexterity.  But for these elements to work really well, the design is key.  The size of the images and characters, and the amount of background detail needs to be carefully considered to give plenty of visual clues, to ensure easy assembly of the puzzle pieces.  Colour is also vital; Is there an even spread across the design; Are all the colours clear & bright; Will they print well and look good on the finished pack?  We go through many different design stages to make sure everything is right, often mocking up packaging at an early stage to see what it will potentially look like on shelf.  We also work closely with the licensor, getting their approval at every stage.  It’s valuable getting their input and thoughts too – especially with a property like Teletubbies, which was created by the legendary Anne Wood and has such a strong heritage”.

From these comments, it’s clear that a ‘simple’ floor puzzle probably isn’t that simple after all!  Ravensburger’s Product Development team has over 40 years of experience behind them, which informs and influences every decision.  Over the years this team has won many awards, so despite appearances their work obviously isn’t ‘child’s play’!

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Funky Owls 3D Puzzle Collection Review

ravensburger 3d puzzle funky owl range
Many of you will know that Ravensburger make all sorts of awesome puzzles and now they are releasing this Funky Owl range of 3D Puzzles that are suitable for girls from 7+.  The range consists of a 3D Puzzle Vanity Box, Pencil/Make Up Brush Holder, Jewellery Tree and Vase.

ravensburger 3d puzzle funky owl

In this household, we all love a good puzzle especially a 3D version!  When we first saw this range, we were very excited that this is not only a puzzle but they are functional and useful too.  The four great designs are handy for storage and will provide a unique way to enhance a room.  Ms C loves the beautiful pictures of the cute and adorable owl!

To read the full review head over to ET Speaks From Home 

Tuesday, 6 September 2016


Ready Set Count
Master C starts the pre-school year at the local infant school today. Today! How on earth has that happened? It’s hard to believe that it was three years ago that Little Miss C was in that same position. There are so many differences between my two kids and if I’m honest quite a few differences between they way that they’ve been brought up. After all LMC was an only child for the first two and a bit years of her life, yet Master C has always had to fight for attention against his older sister – I just wish he didn’t do that quite so literally at times!
It’s also fair to say that as LMC was the first child I had going through school I made a real effort to play loads of educational games with her before she went. I’ve not been quite so diligent with Master C though, although I’ve been doing my best to play catch up over the summer holidays!
It was therefore quite good timing for Ravensburger to send me Ready, Set, Count! from their Play & Learn range.
Ready, Set, Count! introduces the concept of depicting numbers in different ways to young children. There is a jigsaw card for each of the numbers 1 to 10 and each card comprises of 4 parts: a large pictorial image depicting the number, plus three smaller parts which show that number in numeral, dice and finger format.
Ready Set Count
What’s lovely about the game is that you can adapt it to play it in several different ways depending on exactly where your child is in terms of their maths and counting and also based on who many players you want to have. It’s possible to set it up for one child to play alone, or have a group playing.
Ready Set Count
I’d always thought that Master C’s grasp of numbers and counting was quite good, but actually Ready, Set, Count! showed up where he needed more practice. I soon realised that he hadn’t actually been exposed to dice much in the games we’d been playing and so the familiarity with how they looked wasn’t really there yet.
The game has a recommended age range of 3-6 years which I think is about right. Master C will be 4 later this month and could cope with the concept and the counting required quite well. Six year old LMC found it relatively easy and could instantly recognise the numbers shown on the dice and finger parts of the jigsaw without having to actually count them.
Ready, Set, Count! is definitely be part of a number of games and puzzles that I’ve pulled together to help Master C develop his maths and counting skills. It brings together different ways of counting and depicting numbers in the one game making it perfect for pre-schoolers and reception age children.

Review by Being Mrs C

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Happy Days, Blackpool 1000 piece puzzle review

Ravensburger have brought a lovely new Holiday collection which I am loving at the moment.

This week we were sent the gorgeous picturesque ''Happy days Blackpool'' puzzle which consists of 1000 pieces .

The very large puzzles are available for around £12.99 and there are so many designs available in all shapes and sizes.

As with each of their puzzles they come well presented in their boxes and each and every piece is in perfect condition .

When I think of Blackpool I think of the beach that I've built numerous sand castles on , the umteen Donkey rides I've been on, the trams and of course the Blackpool tower we all feel to scared to go up.

This puzzle captures my memories of the Holidays I had as a child perfectly and does not miss anything other than  that pleasure beach which this puzzles misses because I feel the years were caught before it was even there.

The collection is so pretty that my mother in law has decided to frame them all for her wall .

Where would you picture your ideal Happy Days memory?

Review by Lisa 

Friday, 26 August 2016

My First memory The Gruffalo review

Recently, Jack has took a great interest into playing board games and jigsaws. Whilst he really enjoys them hes still not 100% on the rules of some games, the turn taking and the fact most of the time you need to sit still to play. 
When he started nursery last year he seemed to have calmed down a little, although the school holidays have sent him completely bonkers again. So when I was asked if we would like to review the Ravensburger My First Memory Game I thought it would be a great opportunity for Jack. A smaller game more aimed at his age range, and one with one of his favourite characters on, The Gruffalo. 

Gruffalo My First Memory Game | A Review

When he saw this game and saw the Gruffalo, he was so excited and followed with 'Can we play now please mummy? Please Please' so stage one was a big hit. Of course, who was I to disagree and we took to getting it from out of the box. The game cards are quite sturdy and fairly thick, both children helped get them from the packaging before placing them on the floor. 

Gruffalo My First Memory Game | A Review
The aim of the game is you place the cards face down turning 2 cards over on your turn to try and make a pair. However, no matter how many attempts at explaining this to Jack I apparently have the wrong rules and you lay them all out face up and just match them. Sometimes its easier to go along. 
Within the pack there are 24 different pictured cards all with Gruffalo characters on meaning 12 different images making 12 pairs. 

Gruffalo My First Memory Game | A Review

Jack had many different goes in which he paired the images the way in which he thought the game was played. Another day, we attempted the game again, Jack was still adamant how it was played so I made the game slightly easier. Removing some of the images, leaving just 4 pairs a total of 8 cards. We turned them face down and finally we managed to play the game the correct way. Once Jack was confident we added in more pairs until having the full set back. 

Gruffalo My First Memory Game | A Review

Whilst this is just a small game, so many key skills are learnt, encouraging turn taking, matching, memory, counting, recognition or colours and images along with concentration. I feel we have learnt a lot, and built up and learnt some new skills. We have incorporated other games in with these cards too, finding things on images, looking for colours and counting certain parts. 

This game has been a big hit here, and although it took some getting used to, we finally get there and its a perfect quiet time game when needed. 

Ravensburger have a whole range of the 'My First Memory' games with different characters including Thomas the Tank Engine and In The Night Garden. 

Reviw by Zoe at My Mummy's World

Monday, 22 August 2016

Review: Ravensburger Dora and Friends 3 x 49pc Puzzles

LP and Little Man love puzzles – and they love Dora the Explorer so when we were sent the set of three Dora puzzles from Ravensburger they couldn’t wait to make them.
The Dora Puzzles are aimed at age five and over which is perfect for LP and although Little Man is only three he is amazing at jigsaws and we’re always looking for more that test him a bit more which these are perfect for.
The set of puzzles has three clearly different jigsaws, each one with a different colour border, a different picture and different designs on the back – making it easier to differentiate between the three jigsaws and find pieces for the jigsaw you’re working on.
The set of puzzles also comes with paper versions of the completed puzzles that are great for reference rather than just looking at the box constantly. It also means LP and Little Man can do a jigsaw each in different places without fighting over the picture on the box.
The three jigsaw are well made and a good size. Although each one has 49 pieces they are still nice size pieces, easy for the children to hold and put together. LP and Little Man both really enjoyed these jigsaws, liked pointing out their favourite Dora characters and loved the bright colours of the jigsaws.
The Ravensburger Dora 3 x 49pc Puzzles have an RRP of £5.99
Review by Donna 

Monday, 15 August 2016

Emoji Puzzle review

Here is one of the latest puzzles that we have from Ravensburger. 

It contains 100 pieces which are fairly large as far as puzzles of this sort go. It is designed for kids in mind ages 6 and over. Me and Ryan completed it together and I have to admit I actually enjoyed this one more than the bigger 1000 piece ones (but it is a bit easier).

Ravensburger childrens puzzles such as this one come with perfect age fit which means ideal piece sizes, counts and images per age. The pieces get smaller as the children get older and there are more of them too. I’m not sure how many 6 year olds would beable to complete the emoji puzzle or how long it would take them, but me and Ryan managed it in about 20 minutes.

The finished puzzle image is full of emojis – you know; those smiley faces and other small things you find at the end of txt messages! The smiley faces also remind me of my old raving days too. 

This puzzle gets complicated because there is just so much going on. It’s best to try and work out an order in which to attempt the puzzle. For us; it was edges and straight bits first. 

Then we located the four large image pieces which are smiley faces a heart and heart playing card. We made each of these pieces and connected to the edging where we could.

Then finally the slightly tricky part was just finding where the rest of it went. Looking at the image on the box sort of messes up the eyes after a while so it’s more a case of just trying to work out what piece fits where. 

And here is the finished piece! 

A rather fun but confusing puzzle we thought, with so many emojis to be spotted.

The RRP for this is just £7.99 from toy stores and Amazon.

Review by Evette